Wide Horses

The WIDE tree set fits a horse that typically has a wider wither at the top, and the mid back is close to horizontal,  then drops off.  They can have dips along their spine and often little to no shoulder pocket.  

These are pictures of two different arabians, both CMK bred, which are very typical of this back type. This tree size also fits broad quarterhorses, wide pasos and other gaited horses with broad shoulders(which tend to have lower withers).

*Note:  Everyone seems to think that their horse is Wide, and that is untrue, at least in my tree sizes.   Most horses actually take my Medium tree, which is a bit closer together(just a bit)in the front and loin angle accomodates a less flat, broad back.  Going too wide only creates pressure issues in the shoulders, and does not fit the angle of the more average back. Many riders are used to this feel, being slightly downhil, and don't know it can be any different. When the tree actually fits the horse well, all the issues just disappear.  That's what we want!

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