What We Need from You

The first measurement is just behind the scapula(finger is on the scapular bone). Two finger widths back from the scapular bone is good.  Try to take the measurement as vertical as possible. If you can take photos of where you marked, it helps us be on the same page.  Also if you can take note where the top of the scapular bone is in relation to this shoulder measurement, it is helpful for perspective. 

The second tracing needed is taken about midway down the back, roughly halfway between where the hind leg meets the barrel and the base of the withers. Gives us a loin angle.  Horse's head should be up(my horse in the picture was not).

After measuring, please trace the inside of the flexible ruler onto a large paper or file folder. Also requested are photos of your horse(s) standing and moving at liberty.

If using an EQUIMeasure, the front edge should be placed slightly over the scapular bone, mark it on the form with a marker. Pictures taken of the horse with the scapula marked and where the form was done helps us too. Please measure the bottom edge opening from side to side after you remove it from the horse and write it on the form, front side and back as they tend to tighten with time and could make the horse seem steeper than it is.

That's all it takes to fit an Advantage!

What body types do our standard size trees fit?

Our Narrow tree fits a horse that often has a steep "shark-fin" wither and a steep shoulder angle. This tree fits narrower Arabians, Pasos, Thoroughbreds, TWH, Foxtrotters and narrow crossbreeds.

Our Medium we consider average(but you won't find this tree in any off the rack saddles). This horse is a bit wider in the withers and has a less steeply angled shoulder. This tree fits most average horses, including Arabians, and many other horse breeds.

Our Wide is designed for the broad shouldered, broad backed horses. These include broad backed Arabians, Quarterhorses, Pasos, and Kentucky Mountain horses. We also make saddles for all horses sized in between, these are our most commonly used sizes. Our saddle bars are available with some rock(or loin lift) and for straighter backed horses. Our saddles will fit multiple horses and can be sized down one size with our foam shims.

Sound complicated? Don't worry, we'll do the fitting from your info!

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