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Toby B

Katee, Katee, Katee-
Friend, you have OUTDONE yourself with my saddle. The looks, the form, the function- all of it. It is the most beautiful saddle I have EVER seen, and it far more than exceeded my expectations. It is absolutely, stunningly gorgeous. I don't know how you did it, but it is in my opinion your best looking saddle yet. :)
It is amazingly lightweight and fits my horse like a freaking GLOVE. I have to admit, I was slightly nervous about this for whatever reason, but there was absolutely no evidence to substantiate my concern. The saddle, I swear, just found and settled right into its place on my horse's back. By the way, he told me to tell you that you're amazing and that he also extends his deep gratitude for such a perfect fitting saddle. He moved so freely and stretched out so nicely. I did not anticipate the type of movement I got from him- at all! He moved with such speed and happiness too- I could tell he was the most comfortable he's ever been! And the nicest thing of all- he didn't flinch when  I brushed over his left loin. HUGE Katee, HUGE!!!
The leather is such good quality and the seat is TO DIE FOR. I can't believe how balanced I felt and how effortless it was to stay right with my horse. Everything on that saddle speaks QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY. I can tell you put a ton of blood, sweat and tears into it, and I so thank you for that. You have blown me away, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I have missed riding in one of your saddles. It was a big "AAAAAAAHHHHHH" the minute I swung my leg over. You are a brilliant craftswoman, and I will always be right up there (with everybody else) as one of your biggest fans.
Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart. I cried when I opened the box. It was that stunning, and riding in it was surreal- an absolute, heavenly pleasure!

Jon Urry and familiy, Utah

Our ride Saturday was fantastic! Jar, my horse is just blossoming. I believe because your saddle is making it all possible! Of course it is a bunch of small things coming together. Although in my opinion it all starts with a rider and a horse that feel comfortable and confident in their communication with each other. It is Absolutely Thrilling when Jar is willing take a step into the dark outside his own comfort bubble with movements that you would normally just see in a horse without a saddle. The way he freely and loosely added speed when asked ( both uphill and downhill) and then kept it up until I reined him back was just that, Thrilling!  Then when he freely and loosely moved out on his own simply because he was having fun with a 220# rider on back, just Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!  Through it all I was confidently keeping in time and balance on his back! That has never happened before. There is nothing quite like you and a horse giggling at the same time because you both are having fun!
(later)  I wanted to tell you that I am noticing the horses developing their back muscles differently now that they have saddles that they can truly MOVE in.  I noticed also that in pasture they are gaiting, whereas before they tended to trot more.  I belive that this is because whatever atrophy that had occurred has remedied itself and allowed them to move as God and nature intended.  WOW!
Cannot wait for the last two of our five saddles to be ready so the entire family can enjoy riding the same way.  Oh, and this year the family hasn't wanted to give up on riding when winter started, they all continue to be eager to get in their Advantage saddles and hit the trails!  How great is that?!

Howard Chatterton (gaited horse, medium set)

We had a chance to put Ranger's saddle to the test last evening on a nice ride over varied wooded terrain. It was a cool evening and he had lots of go. The saddle looks great. It is VERY comfortable for me and apparently for Ranger as well. He moved very freely over mud and rock and stayed "in gait" at the fox trot more than he ever has before. The saddle didn't move forward or back despite lots of steep ups and downs without a crupper or breast collar. Perhaps most significantly, Carolyn said she could see no saddle movement when observing it from behind me. All of the other saddles Ranger's had have fishtailed, causing ruffled, broken hairs, and, eventually, hair loss over his loins.

I'm using a JMS sheepskin seat saver. I had a Snug Pax pommel bag on and will also be using a Snug Pax cantle bag. No problem securing everything and I still have attachments sites left for my lead rope and other essentials.

Lynn Pinkey(gaited horse, Narrow set)

My gelding came to me at 7 years old with a serious anxiety issue when saddled. His owner could never help him overcome it. He is a VERY narrow built Walker gelding with a somewhat prominent spine. I asked his previous owner what type of saddle she had used on him and she strongly recommended a full QH bar tree. This seemed like a bad idea to me as I looked at his back. When you sat a saddle on him or even acted like you might mount him, his face scrunched up and he was truly fearful. I made my mind up right then and promised Sedona that I would never ride him until I had a saddle that fit him correctly and caused him no pain. So my search began. I talked to my good friend Dr. Debra Tibbitts, DVM who is also an equine chiropractor. She strongly recommended I contact Katee about her Advantage saddles. Dr. Debra uses one of Katee's saddles on her Missouri Foxtrotter mare. She told me she would NEVER part with her saddle. That was good enough for me. I am one of the fortunate who was directed to Katee from the beginning of my search and after talking with Katee I felt completely confident in her knowledge and her understanding of the structural mechanics of the horses back. I took the measurements and photos for her that she needed and I even did a short video of my horses spine in motion. She sent me forms and I tried them on my horse until we found the closest fit. Katee made my beautiful saddle to order and the first time I put the saddle on Sedona, you could see his countenance shift from fear to peace. It was incredibly satisfying!! He is completely comfortable in his new Advantage saddle and I love it too! It's is so much more comfortable than any other saddle I have ever owned. I'm so thankful for the advice of a good friend and Katee's expertise. I saved hundreds of dollars by avoiding the frustrating saddle buying, reselling, game. No gimmicks with Katee's saddles, just pure knowledge, ingeniously simple mechanics and incredible value. Sedona and I thank you!!!! I've attached two photos of the first day I put his new saddle on. You can see how relaxed and at peace he is. Priceless...

Dianne (Quarterhorses, wide set)

(after first ride in her saddle, bought slightly used)
I told you I would email as soon as I rode in the saddle, not just sit in it and see how it fit. Well today was the day and my opinion of the saddle is I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!! OMG Katee, I had NO pain and the ride was so easy no work at all just a wonderful natural flow in the walk, trot and canter. I am so unbelievably blown away and happy that I bought this saddle and found you. NEVER, EVER in the 50 odd years I have been riding have I ever had such a great ride in any saddle I have ridden in or owned. The Ortho-Flex is no longer my favorite or the most comfortable.LOL! The saddle was comfortable on the horse and he went like a dream. PERFECT,PERFECT, PERFECT! The stirrups were, believe it or not just fine.

I can not wait to have you build me another saddle so both the horses I ride will have one. This saddle fits my mare too which is so awesome as it will be hers when the new one comes.

There you have it in a nut shell. I am going to sell my western saddle as I do not think I will ever ride in it again. LOL!

(and after more rides...)
I am glad I made your week and you have made my year and the years to come. I am so happy I can not tell you. I just finished wiping the saddle down which I do after every ride and I was smiling. With ALL the looking and money I have spent hoping that each of the saddles I purchased would be the perfect saddle and was what I imagined in my head it should be is now sitting in my tack room. Thanks to your insight and knowledge of the horse and the human I do not have to look any farther!! YIPPEE FOR ME!!! When I first spoke to you and we talked about horses and their way of going etc. I knew then that what you were doing was exactly what I had always thought in my head. I never could fully explain it or had any way to put those thoughts in motion. THEN, there you were!! With all the HYPE that is out there and crap that you get fed makes the saddle process so hard and the saddle is never all they say it is. I just about had given up until I bought this saddle. Truthfully at the very first BEFORE I talked to you I was a bit skeptical only because of all the past disappointment and in the course of about 35 years of buying my own saddles I was scared to be let down again. You got it, applied it and came up with the best piece of riding equipment I have ever seen. Honest!

I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart in making the ride in my new saddle on my new horse the best experience I have had in forever. I am going to tell everyone I know that rides how much I love this saddle.

Kathy Sparling(Mustangs, X-Wide set)

What I love most about your saddle is the close contact and the fact that I don't feel like I'm in a saddle. It isn't like I'm riding bareback, but the saddle just seems to disappear from notice. I can feel her movement very easily and I think it fits even better in motion than it does at a standstill. I feel balanced and did my mare LOVE this saddle! She blew out and stretched out and lowered her head and raised her back. I'm beyond ecstatic with my Advantage Saddle! Thank you so much!

I think the groundseat is perfection. My legs just hang in the right place, and everything feels effortless and balanced.

Again, thank you for all your effort and hard work to make this the best saddle for me and my horses. I hope to get out on the trail in the next few days, but even in the arena, it is phenomenal!

(and several months later...after more rides....)
I love love love my saddle. Ride it for arena work, lessons, trail riding, everything!

I still have people drooling all over my saddle. Everyone who sits in it just sighs..... Your saddle is the best I've ridden.

Shelly Sentyrz and Jaws(Arabian, Narrow set)

My original Advantage Saddle(Classic with Butterfly skirts) has served Jaws and me for over ten years and 15,000 miles...and counting! He moves so fluid, comfortable and happy in it. Several riders have tried their own saddles on him but quickly determined that he moves bigger and freer under his Advantage! Flat, hills, hot, cold, early season, late season...my Advantage fits him(and me!) like a glove!

I now have a second Advantage saddle...one with foam skirts for my really big horse, Bey. I quickly saw and felt the quality of his movements change with this saddle. I cannot speak highly enough of Advantage Saddles.

Laura Hoyman & Sunny Jim(Running Quarter, custom set)

I love my Advantage Saddle! I am a novice rider, and this saddle makes it so easy to find and keep my seat, even at a canter. The light weight of the saddle makes tacking up a breeze, and the innovative rigging makes it virtually impossible to put this saddle on incorrectly! No matter how forward, or back, you put the saddle, when the horse moves, the rigging sets the saddle in just the right place every time.

Thanks for the use of the demo saddle, which I used for my riding lessons. I learned how to ride on "stable nags", usually the third or so person to ride them that day. The lesson saddles were heavy, bulky western styled saddles that I found unwieldy and difficult to even lift, much less get it onto a horse's back. But the demo Advantage saddle was easy to lift and place, even when I was just learning how to put a saddle on. After just a couple of lessons, I noticed that the lesson horses actually perked up when they saw me approaching with my Advantage saddle in hand! They were much easier to handle and seemed eager to get into the arena.

My first horse, Sunny Jim, is a rescue horse who was starved. When I brought him home I made him a promise: He would always have a saddle that fit him and was comfortable for him to wear and work in. You helped me keep that promise! Now, three and a half years later, the saddle still fits him perfectly, and is a dream for him and myself to ride.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this saddle. The horse loves it, my behind loves it, and I have two new horses who will each have one to love as well! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Laura Hoyman

Eric Pederson and Topsy(Quarterhorse, wide set)

Our Advantage is the best thing I've ever ridden in and Topsy likes it too. She's always grimaced when being cinched but the first time I put this saddle on her ears perked and she gave a big lick and sigh. She's more able to lift her back and round around barrels, using her hinds instead of wanting to pivot. For me, the balance is like nothing I've ever experienced, it makes riding easier. It breaks my heart to know what I've subjected her to over the years and how much of a difference this would have made when she was younger and still a hot rod!

PS..I ain't selling this saddle until I'm done with horses. My next horse will be chosen to fit this saddle!

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