Saddle Fit Photo Essay

Medium Horse's Back

Bare saddle placed too far back, behind the shoulder pocket. Falls down in front, feels tight at top. Note downhill balance, Stinkbug Effect.

Saddle lies behind scapula.

Fingers are on scapula, saddle edge sitting IN shoulder pocket, too far back.

Saddle in proper spot, sits more level but still slightly downhill in front without pad. Note that it is tight at the top of the shoulder, but the entire saddle is sitting down on the back, not perched. Therefore not too narrow.

Without pad, saddle is tight at top, because it is not lifted with pad.

Pad is wool fleece with Perf-Eq foam insert. Lifts the saddle into proper position, levels it.

Fingers are at rear of scapula. Saddle edge is designed to sit over rear of scapula so scapular bone can slide underneath easily.

With pad saddle is in proper position and no longer tight. Padding is dictated by horse's own padding (fat), saddle fit (is it fit closely or a bit wide) and saddle's own padding.

This saddle is too narrow. It perches way up on this horse.

It does pinch in the gullet, but note now it is perched higher than it should be, without a pad, and where the breastcollar rings are, too high.


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