Saddle Bags

Our Wither Bags are a wonderful accessory that we've used for many years. They attach at the front of the saddle in three places, have a drawstring closure at the top, zippered pocket on the sides and top, fleece bottom, and a velcro top flap to keep debris and elements out. It doesn't bounce or bother the horse at all. Water bottles sit safely upright, you can fit a poncho, lunch, snacks, windbreaker, whatever in them because the pouch has a 4" gusset and balloons larger. Everything is in easy reach! Pockets are 9" X 9", overall 14" length per side. Many colors available.... $65.

Colors: Black, brown, hunter green, purple, red, electric blue, royal blue, navy, turquoise, wine, yellow, neon lime, neon orange. Not all colors are in stock at all times, so call and check for availability.

Let us know if you want one for your saddle so we can add additional lower attachment points.

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