Perf-EQ Foam

Perf-Eq Foam is Performance Equine Foam. We have been using this closed cell foam for over ten years in conjunction with our saddles. It has proven to be extremely durable, doesn't absorb moisture, keeps the back cooler, and has perfect characteristics for shock and motion absorption. It will keep the horse's back significantly cooler than memory foam and protect it better too. Used in the correct thickness it won't distort saddle fit. We've tried many foams in our search for one that is worth using, and this is it.

Perf-Eq Foam is what we use for our inserts in our Perf-Eq Fit Pad.  Lasts indefinitely.

Perf-Eq foam is also available as custom inserts for your envelope pad (Skito, HAF, Equipedic, etc.). All we require is a tracing of your current insert pattern.

Perf-Eq Foam Insert... sized for your own pad....$50

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