Saddle Pads

We are picky about our saddle pads...we haven't found ready-made pads that worked the way we think they should, so we made them ourselves!

Introducing our NEW Perf-Eq Fit pad!  Made from luxurious, dense, soft, wool fleece that we have custom made for us at the mill.  This wool is so soft, so amazing that it feels like no other wool you've ever felt.  This soft wool has had the barbs removed to make it more washable and to not grab the loin hairs that wool pads commonly do.  It is machine washable, but we encourage just a hosing off now and again to retain the pad's new feel.   The shape allows for the horse to lift it's back, and fits high withered horses as well as low.  Our pad has an opening at the center top closer to the front for adding a Perf-Eq Foam insert, which is shimmable for fine-tuning the fit.  Bottom side of the pad has no interior seams.  28" long.

Perf-Eq Fit Pad................$150.

With Perf-Eq fit insert..........$175.

With shims(2 full and 2 half)..........$200.

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