Our Saddle Trees

THE SADDLE TREE is the backbone of the saddle, giving it shape and supportive qualities for both horse and rider.  Our trees are made of wood, hand shaped and of the finest quality.   They are fiberglass covered and then sprayed with a slightly textured black polyurethane coating, which protects them from moisture and is attractive enough to leave exposed.  The trees are warrantied against breakage or any issues from normal use for five years. We use wood for many reasons, among them because, contrary to popular belief, wood is lighter than plastic and very strong, slightly flexible, and better able to withstand temperature extremes. Wood can be shaped uniquely to a horse without losing its integrity and can be made into infinite shapes and sizes.

Plastic trees don't have this ability and are made in generic molds. The plastic bars are often  narrower due to the molding restrictions, whereas our wood bars are wider to provide better weight distribution. Some popular plastic treebars are also set rather steeply in the loin, which sets them nearly on edge for many horses...ours are made to match the angle of the loin and are comfortable for the horse. 

Our tree comes in standard sizes of Narrow, Medium and Wide, sizes which we've based on information from years of custom fitting horses. They can be also ordered in a special size to fit, depending on your needs.

One special feature is our hand-shaped groundseat that supports the rider's pelvis and makes our seats extremely comfortable. Both horse and rider suffer less fatigue due to the easy balance the rider experiences.

Below:  Fiberglassed tree before spray. 

What's wrong with plastic trees?

The big selling point for plastic trees is that they are identical to each other(being molded) and very easy to obtain. Many saddle companies use them for the consistency and cost savings. The drawbacks are that it takes the designing influence away from the saddlemaker, they are a "no-brainer".  They are also based on Quarterhorse fit in the overall shape.  On the other hand, just because a saddle has a wood tree inside, doesn't mean it is a good wood tree. Ours are.