More Back Pictures

We can fit different sizes, from really narrow Pasos to extra-wide Drafts!


The bay mare, Mikki, is a medium fit. (Second picture was taken ten years ago...has not changed). She has a medium loin, medium shoulder angle and width plus a slightly more developed left shoulder, not uncommon. Her actual saddle fit area is fairly even and doesn't require shimming.

Below is her with her saddle, in proper position.  More pics on Saddle Fit Photo Essay.

CMK mare

The light chestnut is an example of the wide set, she's a CMK mare with broad, muscled shoulders and flat loin. No shoulder pocket...all muscle! She has a channel down her spine that catches water in the rain!


This is Blade, he's 22. He has high withers and a long, straight back. He takes a medium-steep tree with a straight bar. A tree with rock pinches him at the base of the withers. His saddle was made in 2000 and still fits perfectly.   We believe that one main reason why horses' backs change shape with age is that they are punished into dropping and atrophy with poorly fitting saddles.  When the saddle allows natural movement, the back can stay in great shape for a lot longer time!


Our newest addition is Isis. She's Blade's buddy. These pics are when she was four and gaining weight.

When Isis was super thin, her back shape would have been a Narrow...steeper angled and closer set. As she's been fed well over the months, her withers grew taller as did her whole body, and her shoulders broadened a bit. Much of what we fit is muscle and fat, so though the skeleton dictates the general size and angle of a horse, significant weight gain and loss can affect the size. Adjusting by using the correct pad thickness and shims in the shoulder when needed work the best to adjust for weight changes. Pads tighten the shoulder and the gullet plus lift the saddle at the same time.  She's ended up being a Medium set with a straight bar.

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