Fitting the Horse in Motion


THIS HORSE DEMONSTRATES the difference between the standing back shape and the moving one. This horse is gaited, but the changes it shows are common across all breeds. Can you see why fitting this horse with a tree that fits perfectly while standing will not work so well when he moves?

THE HORSE'S BACK CHANGES when he moves, which is the Great Mystery of saddle fitting.  Most people agree that this is true, but few agree on how to accomodate for it. Ideas are abundant, such as flexible trees, independent panels, extra rock, shoulder flare, extra-wide gullets, memory foam, treeless or semi-treeles. These don't address the issue in a meaningful way and fit is not achieved. Throwing the tree out or making it fit in some extreme manner does NOT allow the horse's back to move naturally.  We understand that it is in the shape of the tree that the secret lies, and we have proven this point in our saddles.  The ability of the fitter to understand what tree the horse needs is key; we understand what happens under the saddle and fit for horses in motion.

OUR CUSTOMERS ARE ASKED to send pictures of their horses, both standing and moving, so we can identify the back shape and which tree to use for them.  We can never get too much information, so feel free to send or point out anything you find important or interesting. 

TO OBTAIN EVEN more static information, we also have Dennis Lane fitting cards, which we can send to you.  These give us a good idea of loin shape, shoulder shape and overall flare needed in your saddle. 

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