What makes this saddle so special?

The Advantage is just really different in all aspects. It was created to be the perfect riding saddle, really comfortable for the horse and the rider. The saddle tree is the saddle's backbone, and instead of taking it out because others don't fit well, we designed ours to fit well. We went over each part of a saddle and made it work optimally. We use top quality leather. Nothing has been overlooked. This saddle gives you close contact and a relaxed, balanced, comfortable ride.

What do you mean that the trees allow for movement?

The horse's back changes when he moves which is the Great Mystery of saddle fitting.  We've spent countless hours studying what happens under the saddle to be able understand how to fit the saddle tree to allow the horse to move freely. His back does not stay static. If you fit him in a relaxed, standing position, when he moves the fit changes. This can cause pain, pinching, and cause him to move inefficiently. Our trees are shaped to allow for movement. We see things about fitting that others seem to miss. 

Tell me more about the Advantage saddle trees.

Our trees are made of wood, hand shaped and the finest quality. They are fiberglassed then sprayed with a polyurethane coating.We use wood because it's lighter than plastic and very strong, slightly flexible, and better able to withstand temperature extremes. Wood can be shaped uniquely to a horse without losing its integrity. Plastic trees don't have this ability and are made in generic molds. The plastic bars are narrow due to the molding restrictions, whereas our wood bars are wider to provide better weight distribution. Plastic treebars often seem to be set rather steeply in the loin, which sets them nearly on edge for many horses, with the inevitable white hairs outlining the bottom edge of their saddle.  OUCH.  Ours are made to match the angle of the loin and are comfortable for the horse. The big selling point for plastic trees is that they are identical to each other(being molded) and very easy and inexpensive to obtain.  We feel that it takes the designing influence away from the saddlemaker, we steer away from anything that is "generic".  We're different and proudly so!

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