Bee Natural Leather Care

RUDY'S Tack & Saddle Conditioner and Finish

Revolutionary products rarely surface in the leather industry. RUDY'S cleans, conditions and finishes leather but also kills mold and mildew. RUDY'S can be used on all top grain leather, including exotics and reptiles, to give the best conditioning and lustrous finish. This breakthrough formulation is the final step in the BEE NATURAL LEATHERCARE system in taking care of tack and saddles. Use RUDY'S often to keep leather looking its very best. RUDY"S goes into the leather quickly without leaving a residue build-up so it can be used with confidence on carvings and tooled leather. 4 oz. bottle...............$8.50



The Saddlemaker's Oil: This is what we use on your saddle before it leaves us. It does not darken leather like heavy oils do and is perfect for use with our fine-grained Wickett and Craig leather. It will enhance the natural beauty of your saddle, ensuring years of useful life. The company states: "#1 SADDLE OIL is the product that meets and exceeds demanding conditions. Years of use by professional saddle makers have proven the quality of this special saddle oil. Deep penetration, without excessive darkening, helps the saddle maker attain and maintain superior color control. The leather can be given successive coats without the worry of streaks, blotches or surface residue. This allows the natural beauty of the leather to come through without attracting dust or dirt." 16 oz. bottle......................$19.00


Leather cleaner This special formulation of saddle soap goes deep to get out dirt and helps extend the life of the leather. Contains no waxes. Use to deep clean your better than the rest! 8 oz. bottle............$8.50

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