What's Different

FROM THE FIRST MOMENT YOU SIT in an Advantage saddle, you’ll immediately notice the difference:  the close contact, open communication, relaxation, and balance like you’ve never known. Each saddle is built in-house by one person for you and your horse. No factory assembly lines, no impersonal or sub-par workmanship is involved, including the tree your saddle is built on.  We examined each part of the saddle and designed it to work optimally, from the unique, self-adjusting rigging to the open skirts to the shape of the seat. We use only premium quality Wickett and Craig leather, which is softer and has a much better feel than others that are typically used.  We never cut corners to save costs, each part of the saddle itself is top quality and US made. It was designed to be the perfect riding saddle, really comfortable for the horse and the rider, and fulfills it's purpose of combining rider and horse as one.

WE BUILD OUR CUSTOM GROUNDSEAT in each saddle by hand, shaped to perfection. Every saddlemaker who builds a groundseat(many saddles do not have them) does it their own way  and they all feel different. This is a part of the skillset that is a huge part of being a custom saddlemaker.  Our groundseat supports the rider's pelvis and creates effortless balance and comfort. Both horse and rider really notice the security and closeness they have in this saddle.

OUR UNIQUE RIGGING self-adjusts to pull at a slight angle and never moves the saddle out of position. It works with your horse to be in the perfect spot everytime. Works great with our mohair cinch.  Saddles typically weigh about 17.5 pounds with stirrups.(slight variations depending on style and seat size, or customizations)

CUSTOM ARTWORK is included!  Our customers love customizing their own saddles to reflect their unique selves, and we respect that.  Add a one of a kind, non-traditional design to your saddle for a unique accent.  Share your ideas and we'll go from there!  (Does not include extensive tooling...that would be extra).

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