Fit. Balance. Comfort.

AT ADVANTAGE SADDLES, WE SEEK AN EXCELLENT fit for your horse and an effortless ride for you. THE ADVANTAGE SADDLE is a custom work of art for those discerning riders who want only the best for their horse and themselves. Each saddle is handmade for you exclusively, fit to your horse's back and for you too. Customers comment that it "fits like a glove" and that it "put them so in tune with their horse from the first moment". "Effortless ride", "true harmony", "incredible gaits I had never ridden before"...all are part of the experience with this saddle.

NOT A ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL saddle, our trees are made to fit real horses. We have designed using our own insights from both years of riding trails and fitting saddles, and have never used a ready-made tree that is some standard generic idea of what "should" fit. We recognize that horses change their backs with movement, and size our trees to fit.  You get to ride as if you are one with your horse...finally!

OUR CUSTOMERS love how our saddles ride and give feedback:

*Lynn, a backcountry rider in Idaho, states that her saddle has "saved her bacon" plenty of times, all she has to do in any situation is center herself in the seat, and then everything is okay!

*One rider who has chronic low back pain told us that when she starts to hurt, she saddles up, rides for a bit and the pain stops!

*A veterinarian distance rider commented that this is the ONLY saddle she's ridden that she finds balanced at every gait.

*Jon, a gaited horserider in Utah, says "my horse is just blossoming, with movements that you would normally just see in a horse without a saddle. Your saddle is making it all possible!"(He has outfitted his entire family with Advantage saddles...all five!)

Another commented, "This is how riding is supposed to feel!"

Astrid writes:  "Thought a lot of you today because we were out trailriding and I just love, love, love the saddle so much.  Funny thing - Cairoons hoofs were always square in the front when we were riding out a lot because he would not really lift his legs, he kind of dragged them over the ground and now with the new saddle that doesn't happen anymore. He does lift his legs now so easily, even my ferrier mentioned the difference in his hoofs! So glad, we got that wonderful saddle, I am so very grateful every day!"

Don't make your horse suffer an "almost" fit, get it right and let riding be a true joy! We've fit all types of equines including arabians, gaited, mule crosses and drafts, improving their lives and way of going.  Ask how an Advantage Saddle can complete your riding experience!

As of July 25, 2017, Advantage Saddles will no longer be making new saddles.  I have decided to retire and enjoy life a bit more and stress a bit less.  All other items continue to be available including wool fleece pads and custom mohair cinches, and repairs to Advantage Saddles will be available.  Advice and assistance with buying used Advantage saddles will still be offered.  Happy to help.  It has been a wonderful 18 years and I've loved getting to know some truly great people.  THANK YOU ALL for your stories and input on making a better saddle, it has been truly appreciated.



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